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[Tree GSoC 2016] Status Update
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Nelson Liu
2016-04-30 19:30:51 UTC
Hi everyone,
My name is Nelson Liu <>, and I'm a Google
Summer of Code participant for scikit-learn this year mentored by Raghav R V
<> and Jacob Schreiber
<>. My project concerns the tree module; I'll be
implementing the MAE splitting criterion, tree post pruning, and balanced
random forests (full proposal here

To complement my project, I'm writing a series of weekly blog posts that go
over what I've been the last week / an interesting application of what I've
been working on. I'll be providing weekly status updates to the mailing
list on the progress of the project.

Additionally, my mentors and I are using Trello to organize goals and
things to do; we've made the board public so anyone can see what we've
done, are working on, and will tackle in the future.

For this first week, I focused on getting familiar with Cython. Next week,
I'll be diving into scikit-learn's implementation of the tree and how the
various splitting criteria work.

Trello board for the project <>

Blog posts for this week:
An Intro to Google Summer of Code
(GSoC Week 0.1) How fast is fast, how slow is slow? A look into Cython and
Python <>

Nelson Liu