How to run scikit-learn test individually.
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Boxiang Sun
2016-07-22 15:33:42 UTC
Hi all.

I posted this question in IRC once, but maybe due to time zone or other
reason. I didn't got answer yet(maybe I missed).

I am trying to let scikit-learn can work in Pyston. I already finished
NumPy, SciPy support in Pyston.

When I try to run scikit-learn test suite by `python -c "import nose;
nose.main()" -v sklearn`. Most of were fine. But I encountered one
segfault, the back trace said it is in

But if I try to run that script individually by `python
scikit-learn/sklearn/metrics/tests/test_pairwise.py`, like what I did when
try to support NumPy and SciPy. That command didn't output anything, no
segfault, no output. Try to use this way to run other test files will get
same empty output.

So how to run the sk-learn test individually and reproduce errors? Not by
run the whole test suite.


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